Food Preparation and Nutrition

It is vital for everyone to know about food and to develop cooking skills so that they can start to cook for themselves and later for their family. Everyone needs to make choices about food on a daily basis and choosing the right balance of foods will affect health and well-being for the rest of our lives.

The course is focussed around practical skills with all students preparing, cooking and presenting food each week. Students will study all aspects of the food and drink industry and quickly become expert in food safety procedures.

If you enjoy catering, this course could lead to a post 16 course and a career within the food industry or a job within hotels, cafes and leisure facilities.

The ingredients are provided free of charge and students will be able to eat what they have made at break, lunch or after school.   The majority of the dishes are savoury with some sweet products where necessary to demonstrate specific skills.  Students build up a portfolio of healthy dishes and recipes as well as being able to regularly try new, delicious dishes.