A Different Kind of Learning Week 16th – 20th December 2019

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Next week, our normal curriculum time table will be collapsed. Instead, we have planned a week of exciting on and offsite cultural learning opportunities. A letter providing full details about the arrangements for the week, has been emailed to all parents and carers.

Students were asked to choose which of the four different groups they would like to join: Connected Energies, Connected Creatives, Connected Food Stories and, Connected Activities. Students were allocated to the groups, according to their individual choice.

In planning these activities, it is our hope that all students make the most of these opportunities. They are part of our ethos of enriching their learning beyond the curriculum so that learning becomes more meaningful. All the activities have been paid for from within the school budget, so they are free and therefore, accessible to all.

Students are expected to participate in all of the activities provided within their individual time table. If they don’t arrive for these and we haven’t received notification from you that they are unwell, they will be marked with an unauthorised absence. The exception to this is, if sessions are missed due to attendance at a work experience placement.

If you would like us to send you another copy of your child’s individual time table or would like further information, please contact Caolan – 01273 291294.

Do look out for photos of the various activities through the week on our website or, check out our new Instagram account – theconnectedhubbrighton