Connecting Children with their City

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The students at Downs Junior School were our clients. How could we make a Museum an exciting and engaging place for students in Y3 and Y4?

The Booth Museum is a fascinating part of our heritage in Brighton. It represents another time and different values. It is both amazing and repellent at the same time.


The Narrators of the Past Department dug deep into the past to try to understand the context in which Edward Booth lived and worked. On the final day, Booth was interviewed in front of a live audience.


The Walking in Others’ Shoes department sought to understand what it would have been like to have been a Victorian gentleman. How could people like that have enjoyed killing elephants? The Downs students met him and his friends on Friday afternoon and gave him a very hard time.

The Revealing the Natural World Department decided to teach a lesson. Every member of the group was involved in planning a lesson on the evolution of colour in nature. The students from Downs Junior School loved it.


The Seeking Patterns in the World Department created beautiful symmetrical butterflies with the students from Downs Junior School and went on to explore the Fibonacci Sequence with them.


The designers for life created two interactive exhibits for the museum: a snake with a sound effect for accepting donations and a marble maze that held a mathematical challenge as well as testing co-ordination and balance.


The Culinary Art Department created a range of products for lunch boxes at the museum: these included stained glass and butterfly biscuits as well as some horrific snake jellies and bird rolls.