Covid-19 update 24.03.2020 The Connected Hub is now closed until further notice.

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Dear Parents and Carers

Following last night’s announcement from the Prime Minister that the UK is going into Lock Down and everyone where at all possible must stay at home and follow the strict guidance on venturing out, I’m updating you with information about provision at The Connected Hub (TCH).

Although we are required to offer provision for vulnerable young people and those who are the children of key workers, as our cohort of students are 15 and 16 years old, they do not need to be cared for in school, in the same way as those children in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.  We will therefore be closing the doors of TCH today and will instead be offering support, advice and guidance remotely.

Students will be contacted at least once a week (more if needed) by a member of TCH team. This will be a check in to see how students are doing and to offer advice, support and guidance on any issue.
If a student is really struggling or if you as a parent or carer need support, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Email:  All our email addresses were given in the black folder that we sent home to students.  If you can’t find these or don’t have the folder, just email me: and if I can’t answer your questions, I’ll find someone who can.
  • Telephone: Our Lynchet Close provision PRU provision will remain open for the time being.  If you urgently need care for your child or you need to speak to someone, please call: 01273 542050. A member of the team there will try to assist or will contact me and I will return your call as soon as I am able to.
  • Mobiles: Certain members of staff have work mobiles with them at home. Some students have these numbers stored in their own phones. You can ring one of the school mobiles and a member of the team will answer and be able to assist with any questions or need for support.
  • Careers/Post 16 placements: You may be worrying about preparing your child for their next steps into post-16 education.  Cordelia, our careers adviser can help.  Please email her: and she’ll be available to assist you with support and advice on Monday – Wednesday during term time.
  • Safeguarding: If you need to discuss any safeguarding matter, please contact either Lucie Broadbent-Smith (Designated Safeguarding Lead) – or me,

I will try and update the news feed on the website once a week. This will be with information about what we are offering as time goes on, any information and avenues of support and advice that is available and I think is relevant to you as the parent/carer of a teenager.  On that note, do check out this website: Make Good Trouble. A site run by local mums of teens which has been receiving considerable acclaim:

You’ll find a variety of useful links to information about raising teens as well as links to all of their radio broadcasts with Radio Sussex.

Series One covers: Social Media & Devices, School Stress, Sleep, Resilience, Body Image, Relationships, the Teenage Brain, Teen Language.

Series Two covers: Kicking Off, Family Breakups, Teens, Parents & Booze, Self-harm, Eating Disorders, Loneliness, Grief, the Return of the Teenage Brain

You can also follow the link to their latest venture:  Raising Teens in Lockdown. Here’s the link:   I’m sure many of you will find this very helpful in the coming weeks…

Here at the Hub, we wish you all the best and very much hope that you and your families remain healthy and well in the coming weeks and months. Do get in contact if you need us.

With kind regards,