Teagan & Emma – Our budding fictional authors – Teagan the amazing teacher & Birthday nightmare

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Birthday Nightmare

It was the first of May 2016. It was a very nice, sunny day. The sun was beaming through my windows.

I opened my door and it started raining so I went back in and put on my wellies and my coat. I grabbed my umbrella and dashed out of the door and jumped in my car.

I had only been driving for three months and I had an accident. The roads were very slippery and my car went out of control and CRASHED into a wall. My two back wheels went flying off. I turned around to look and they were bouncing and spinning down the hill.

I was in shock staring out of the window at the wall. I felt something wet on my leg. I thought I had spilled my water bottle but I looked at my leg and saw a dark red stain on my jeans. It was getting bigger and bigger and starting to drip down my leg. I was losing too much blood. I started to go dizzy then my head flopped forwards and slumped onto my steering wheel. Everything went black…

“Where am I?”

I looked up, down and around. I was so confused. The last thing I remember was sitting in my car staring at a wall. All I could see then was white walls, white lights, the white floor and white curtains. Then I noticed beds all around me with ill patients in.

I suddenly knew where I was. I started to get flashbacks of what happened. I remembered wiping the blood off and then I started to panic. I decided I had to get out of there. I rushed outside, opened the door and I saw…

Young kids fighting. Then a boy got stabbed right in front of my eyes. The knife was hanging out of his back. His adrenalin kicked in and he ran.

Those twenty-four hours were a nightmare. I was traumatised.



Story about Teagan the amazing teacher

It was September the first. After all those years of training, all those years of school and university, the day had finally come. Teagan was going to teach her first lesson as a fully qualified teacher.

It had all begun, many years ago when she was at the connected hub, her favourite school in the whole wide world. She had been talking to her teacher about her dreams for the future. She had said,

“I want to be a teacher because since I was very little its been my dream. Its been one of my dreams because my dad was once a teacher but by the time he had finally got the job he sadly passed away.

She also wanted the job to help her and her children in the future with holidays and good Christmases. She also wanted the job so she can put money aside so her children can have the best start in life.

When she was at school all them years ago her teacher said, “you must follow your dreams, Teagan . make it happen. Lets start with English and maths.” And Teagan smiled and started to begin her work. The one thing Teagan loved doing was writing stories.

Over the following years, she had often thought about that conversation. Especially when things got tough. She would say. “I need to think about the conversation I had with my teacher all those years ago. I need to think how amazing my life would be and how amazing my kids future would be. At collage, everyone was so jealous of he. When she went out to schools as part of her training, she would come back with stories about how all the children loved her and how they wanted her to be there teacher all the time.

They also done so much work for her. One story she shared went like this: “I went into a school it was the most amazing experience of my life all the children where so young and so polite. Honestly it was amazing, I sat down and read them a story to help them out with work they where doing later on into the day. After the lesson had finished she had all the students charge up to her and give her the biggest hug and they told her she was the best teacher ever and that they wanted her to be there teacher forever.

Teagan applied for a job she was called for a interview and turned up looking extremely  smart she arrived at the school the next day. She was very nervous (wich was extremely weird cause shes normally loud and very confident) they asked her to teach a lesson. It went really well. Then came the interview. They asked her lots of questions. When they asked her ‘ “so Teagan, why do you wonna be a teacher?”

I want to be a teacher cause it was my dads dream unfortunately he passed away so that’s the reason why I want to be a teacher so I can finish of what my dad started. I also have two young children a boy and a girl they went by the names of Kaine and kyra . I want them to have the best start in life that’s the reason why I would love to be a teacher.

And of course she was so smart she got the job. At the end of the day she went home and told her mum she made a huge amount of phone calls to her nan,dad,sisters,brothers and the  rest of her family. Her mum Kerrie, was her biggest supporter through literally everything even the irrelevant things. She helped her so much after her dad died her mum helped her so much to get to where she is today. She was laying in bed having a think about everything she suddenly had a thought about what her teacher said all them years ago and her dream had finally come true.