Parent Voice

In 2009, the Lamb Inquiry into ways to improve parental confidence in the special educational needs (SEN) system published its final report. Whilst this doesn’t exactly match the provision at The Hub, it’s guiding principles are very useful:

Good, honest and open communication is the key to the development of positive working relationships and requires practitioners who listen to parents and are trusted by them… The quality of communication both reflects and is a reflection of the working relationships between professionals and parents. The worst communication generates significant levels of hostility… The best communication engenders impressive levels of confidence and a sense of partnership. (Lamb Inquiry, 2009)

Parent Voice at The Connected Hub has five distinct but essential strands:

  • Interview: this sets the tone of the whole relationship as parents have their first opportunity to meet us and share their understanding of their children and to appreciate the warmth and effectiveness of The Hub.
  • Daily contact: from the outset, this is essential part of the relationship. Although it is often initiated by attendance issues, it is an invaluable channel for communication.
  • Informal: this can be initiated by the staff or the parents. It can be via email, on the phone or person to person. The guiding principle is that dialogue is always welcome and parents are always embraced with open arms.
  • Parents’ evenings: these occur three times a year – a) early in October (Settling In) b) January (Progress) and c) March (Examination preparation). Dialogue with staff will be both pastoral (with key worker) and academic (with subject teachers). Key data will also be available at these meetings.
  • Surveys: the surveys are issued at the parents’ evenings, providing the opportunity for parents to feed back to staff. The areas of concern are: Communication, School Atmosphere, Support, Emotions and Curriculum. The information gathered will be processed onto Survey Monkey (or similar) for record-keeping and analysis.