Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

At The Connected Hub our aims and values are central to our work with young people and adults and they are expressed through the following statement: –

We aim to provide a challenging learning environment, which is caring and supportive. We encourage all learners to reach their true potential through individual and co-operative effort.

The statement indicates that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our learners is an important aspect of our work.

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Every week the ‘SMSC/Theme of the Week’ board is updated by members of staff with significant events.


Week beginning (4.02.2019)

Child soldiers


Week beginning (28.01.2018)

LGBT+ and history

Week beginning (21.01.2019)

Holocaust memorial day


Week beginning (14th January 2019)

Blue Monday


Week beginning (7th January 2019)

Vegan and vegetarian week


Week beginning ( 12th December 2018 )



Week beginning (26th November 2018)

World Aids Day

Week beginning (19th November 2018)

Every body’s beautiful

Week beginning (15th October 2018)

Anti Slavery


Week beginning (08th October 2018)

Civil Rights


Week beginning International Literacy Day 2018

( 8th September)