Louise Cook
I am proud to be the Head here. We are a great team and are all working together to get the best possible outcomes for each and every student.  I try to keep fit by cycling to school, and swimming.  I like to learn something new every few years and this year I am continuing to learn bridge which is much more complicated than I had anticipated!   I have two children, 3 cats and a dog.
Kate Schofield
Catering Teacher and Deputy Headteacher
I joined the Connected Hub in 2014 to set up a catering course in the new food room. Before this I worked in six different schools, three of them in Brighton and Hove. I really enjoy working here with students who want to make the most of Year 11. I have met so many interesting characters and it is great to know that all students leave here being able to cook for themselves.
Tracey Robinson
Business Manager
I have been working in various schools for 13 years in many admin areas: Data, Exams, Administration Management and recently consulting.   This has given me extensive experience to provide a great support for the team. I have lived in Brighton all my life in many areas, Mouslcombe, Whitehawk, Bevendean and now Hove.
Jo Edge
Maths Teacher (Supply)
Rosie Reekie
Science Teacher
I was really pleased to start working here at The Connected Hub this year, as a Science Teacher. I live in Brighton, locally, with my family. I enjoy teaching science and I am passionate about looking after the environment and using bikes instead of cars. I like doing fun things with my children, cooking, reading and going to the cinema.
Emma Saadatzedah
English Teacher
I love travelling, modern multicultural fiction, art galleries and messing about with my kids. I am also passionate about teaching. Having taught for more than twenty years, in different schools, to different age groups and different subjects it’s never dull and no two days are ever the same.
Guy Williams
Literacy/Numeracy Teacher
I love working at The Hub. I started here in 2016 after thirty-four years in mainstream schools around the country and I can honestly say it is the best place I have ever worked. The staff are brilliant and it is just so lovely working with young people who really want to make the most of their GCSE year, overcoming all the barriers that have been put in front of them. I moved to Brighton in 2003 and have three teenage children who attend a local school. I like to go travelling – this year I am really lucky and really excited about going to Thailand and Australia.
Lucie Broadbent Smith
HSLO/Art Teacher
I joined the Hub in January 2013 and I love being part of the team here. I am the Home to School Liason Officer Teacher of Art. I love making things, especially getting messy with stuff like painting, drawing, textiles and cooking and have an interest in Art therapy and finding creative solutions to problems. As HSLO, I can be seen driving around on home visits, getting to know the city better.
Martin Bunker
Science Teaching Assistant
I live in Brighton and am a father of 3 girls. I'm passionate about science and technology and am a bit of an IT Geek, providing IT support for family and friends. I'm also a lifelong sci-fi fan, so occasionally you may see me, at the weekend, in strange outer-worldly outfits raising money for local charities!
Anuja Chouhan
Numeracy and Literacy Teaching Assistant
I’m a recent graduate in history, politics and culture and was previously a university mentor at the hub as part of the Widening Participation programme. Safe to say I loved it so much I decided to apply for the TA position this year! I'm a huge fan of post-colonial literature and love to be challenged on my opinions with a slice of witty 'banter'.
Cordelia Millington
Transition and WRL Co-ordinator
I am newly appointed to this post and was happy beyond belief when I heard I got the job. There is a wonderful atmosphere here at the Hub and everyone strives to do the best for the students who attend here. I am looking forward to working with the students to help guide them into a post 16 pathway that is right for them. “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I love this quote by Mark Twain. I have previously worked in two other secondary schools and have over 14 years’ experience within Vocational and Work Related Learning. I hope that with the rest of the staff team, I am able to make a positive difference to an individual’s life. I am married with two sons. I enjoy Travelling, Music especially live or on vinyl, food (making it) and the Arts.
Becca Stadames
Learning Mentor
This is my third year at The Hub, and I can say with passion that I absolutely love working here. I've been a TA here for two years and have recently taken on the role of learning mentor. As part of my role I help students to think about what barriers to learning they may have, and together we work on overcoming them. In my spare time I'm studying for a degree in Psychology with the Open University, I'm in a street dance crew and I love spending time in my garden!
Helen Murray
Maths Teaching Assistant
I'm from Wales and have lived in Brighton for seven years. I enjoy reading, walking my dog, listening to punk music and playing the bass badly. I'm also trying to learn to speak German and Welsh. I've been at the hub for a month now and am loving it so far.
Del Woodward
English Teaching Assistant
I love reading; particularly American literature such as works by Hunter S. Thompson and Chuck Palahniuk. I’m an absolute fanatic about Star Wars and have watched the original trilogy probably more times than is acceptable. I love to cook and get very territorial in the kitchen. I’m really excited to work at the Hub and to share my passion and knowledge of English.
Amanda Warner
Receptionist/Admin Assitant