English Language 

This year we will be studying the AQA English Language GCSE.

Students may also study for and take Functional Skills exams at the appropriate level.

Welcome to the world of the imagination:  reading, writing and the spoken word.  We will read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts, trying wherever possible to explore the students’ own interests. We will practise writing letters, leaflets, web pages, stories and magazine articles. We will stage debates and presentations, valuing opinions and teaching students to state and defend these.

We will offer opportunities to visit the theatre, the cinema and a poetry slam, providing experiences and opportunities to develop an interest in and love for the spoken and written word.

Some students will be given the opportunity to develop their English Language skills through a themed approach. We will explore issues related to a particular aspect of being human in our world today.  For the rest of The Connected Hub, these will be concepts and ideas that form the theme of the week. We will dive into these ideas and write creatively and informatively, read around each of the subjects and discuss them in depth. These students will achieve an Entry Level Certificate before being entered for the Functional Skills exams. They will then tackle the GCSE in the summer along with everyone else, confident of their ability.

English Literature GCSE

English Literature gives students the chance to study whole texts in more detail and gain an extra GCSE.

We are likely to study: Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls and poetry.  We will read texts, watch videos, visit the theatre and judge poetry slams.  There is an opportunity to do controlled assessments in addition to the exam option in the summer.

We will get to know characters, settings and stories. We will improve our understanding of the language of novelists, poets and playwrights.  Studying English Literature further develops students’ analytical skills, improving their grades in English Language.