Biology GCSE

 We will be offering Biology GCSE to all students. This will give students the opportunity to study in detail the Biology aspects of the science curriculum enabling them, in a year, to complete a GCSE. We aim to make it as practical based as possible and highlight the fun in science and how it can be relevant to our lives and the world around us. Trips out will enhance the sessions. Students study the AQA Biology specification and will be assessed in 2 written papers at the end of the year.

At the same time we will cover the requirements for the Entry Level Certificate Science qualification, which will cover the required chemistry and physics. The students will be assessed throughout the course and there is no final exam.

Combined Science GCSE

For those students who particularly enjoy science, or want to study it at a higher level after GCSEs, we are offering a Combined Science course, resulting in 2 Science GCSE qualifications. To do this you have to pick the extra Science option. It will be assessed in exams at the end of the year. Students studying this course will not take the Biology GCSE, as there is already a biology section to this double award course.